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Our Guiding Principles

At University Dental Professionals, we believe in being health-oriented, prioritizing minimally invasive care, and maximizing convenience at an outstanding level of quality. Offering a comprehensive variety of services from several talented specialists is a big part of the puzzle, but our team’s top goal is to help you prevent dental problems before they ever get the chance to start.

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Cosmetic & Implant Dentist

Lou Graham, DDS

Are you struggling with an incomplete smile? Have noticeable stains, chips, and other dental flaws made it hard to feel self-confident? Dr. Graham would love to welcome you in. He excels in smile transformations, rebuilding teeth that function well, look fantastic, and will last for decades to come.

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Rauf Yousef, DDS

Your teeth may be the center of attention, but the gum tissue is an essential support system just underneath. Dr. Yousuf always goes the extra mile to help patients maintain excellent oral health, providing vital services like soft tissue grafting, crown lengthening, and more.

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Samantha Chou, DMD

The loss of natural teeth can be devastating – but it doesn’t have to stay permanent. Dr. Chou specializes in turning back the clock, helping patients recreate strong, lifelike dental structure while also correcting related jaw/facial problems so that your entire smile functions harmoniously.

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Family Dentist

Gargi Bhagavatula, DDS

Being able to bring all of your loved ones to the same trusted dental practice can make a world of difference. As our dedicated family dentist, Dr. Bhagavatula has plenty of experience with smiles at every stage of life, and she’ll be sure to help everyone feel right at home.

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TMJ/TMD Dentist

Tony Tomaro, DDS

Do you regularly experience jaw pain, an uncomfortable bite, or constant clicking/grating sounds when you open your mouth? The cause may be TMJ disorder, or TMD. Thankfully, Dr. Tomaro can help alleviate these unpleasant and oftentimes debilitating symptoms in dramatic ways.

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Sheetal Kalokhe, BDS

An essential specialty in the world of dentistry, endodontics deals with saving your natural teeth when they are in their most dire state. A masterfully performed root canal can save even the most compromised of teeth – eliminating the need for extractions and a resulting bridge, denture or implants.

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Top-Rated Hyde Park Dentist

Chicagoland Loves Us

"Dr. Graham is a genius. He an absolute master of his craft, is super conservative and will always try to preserve tooth and not do anything unnecessary."

B.H., Hyde Park • Chicago, IL

"Always the best. Individualized attention, patient-centered care, the best dentist expertise, and state of the art equipment and treatments."

Laura R., Indian Village • Chicago, IL

"Friendliness with conscientiousness and professional service. I especially admire the conservative approach to save teeth as long as possible."

Connie A., South Shore • Chicago, IL

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Every Dental Need
Completely Covered with Confidence

No two patients have the exact same path in front of them that will lead to a healthier, happier smile. That’s why our doctors and specialists take the time to understand each person’s unique priorities, concerns, and goals before creating an entirely customized treatment plan. We have the advanced training and skillsets needed to handle whatever you may need, from essential six-month cleanings to state-of-the-art tooth replacement with dental implants – and everything in-between.

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Predictable & Affordable Dentistry

"Our Goal: Keep Your Natural Teeth to Your 85th Birthday” -Dr. Lou Graham

Prevention Matters

Achieving great oral health isn’t a one-time accomplishment, like winning a race. It’s a lifelong commitment that requires vigilance, dedication, and the right dental team to lend a helping hand. We strongly believe in helping our patients avoid problems whenever possible, which is why our six-month checkups and hygiene sessions are extremely thorough, down to the smallest details.

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