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This technology allows us to customize the usage of digital radiographs in our practice and for those patients under the age of 30 that have low caries risk, we have decreased our routine x-rays by over 50%!  Why, because this near-infared light that passes through the tooth and is often more diagnostic than our eyes and x-rays.  Are there limitations, of course, but the bottom line is that CariVu allows us a far better diagnostic/treatment approach to treating caries (cavities) and in fact allows us to follow early lesions and see if remineralization and flossing are halting the growth of the cavity.  

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For years, in fact for 100 years we have been using in dentistry the “explorer” to see if our patients had cavities on the chewing surfaces.  The explorer has proven itself to be far less diagnostic and our practice today uses Spectra’s fluorescent technology to evaluate teeth and see if any demineralization (potential cavity) has occurred. This technology is all about protocols and for example, we never place a sealant without using fluorescence and yearly this is done by our hygienists during their recall hygiene appointments.  It’s another example of how we customize our care for our patients.  

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All too often we have patients with dental problems that traditional 2D digital x-rays are simply not diagnostic enough.  When such occurs, we utilize our 3D imaging system to access us far more information and ultimately better decision making when it comes to our clinical treatments.  Our latest cone beam can customize the images being taken such that it can include only a few teeth to almost the entire skull.  The key for us is taking the images that are best suited for what our diagnostic needs are, and this then can limit the radiation concerns which in relative terms are still remarkably low.  For our implant and root canal specialists, these images are often essential and by having them in our office, we can get the right diagnostic information far more efficiently today.

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Digital/ X-Rays

These have become the norm in dentistry because of the far lower radiation from years past with traditional x-rays.  Within seconds, images are converted to easy viewing and x-rays are still continued to be viewed as an essential diagnostic tool in dentistry.  Today, our entire team is trained with all of our diagnostic imaging tools and with such we customize each and every patient radiographs to their specific clinical situation.  

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Digital Scanning

For the past few years, the practice continues to offer new approaches to diagnostics.  With Itero™ digital imaging we will be able to better monitor shifting teeth, gum issues like recession, tooth wear issues such as whether your grinding, or if you restorations are wearing down and so much more.  These same machines allow us to take impressions without the goop (if you want it, we still have it) and are so fast and accurate that we just love to use them!  

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Laser Dentistry

Within all facets of our practices, we use multiple different types of lasers based on the clinical procedures.  All of our hygienists are certified in lasers and this technology allows them to treat and maintain our patients gums in such superior ways.  Faster healing is just one of the many attributes.  We can often remove all lesions within the mouth without the need for sutures and so much more.  Coming very soon, drilling small cavities without the drill and often without the numbness!


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Pharyngometry and Rhinometry 

This is latest technology for diagnosing and treating snoring and sleep apnea.  During sleep apnea and snoring, a person’s airway is partially or fully blocked with ‘loose’ or ‘excess’ tissue in the throat.   Oral appliances can help keep the airway open while a person is sleeping and prevent the apnea and also quiet the snoring.  People who cannot to use a CPAP machines are good candidates.  The Pharyngometer and Rhinometer are new technology that are designed to easily measure the airway space and help design the correct dental appliance to maximize airways.   Pharyngometry is a scientific approach to restful sleeping.

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Our very own in office UDP dental plan reflects our philosophical approach to prevention and oral health. With more and more studies showing the systemic effects of poor oral health, our dental plan is 100% based on prevention and maintaining your oral health. The core of our plan is our hygiene recall system and our ongoing educational pursuits keep our hygiene team at the forefront of oral health. Each and every provider participates in our UDP plan, to offer our patients the best in services and reasonable fees without any limitations.

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