Root Canal Therapy - Chicago, IL

Put a Stop
to Your Toothache

Are you stuck at home right now with an awful toothache that is preventing you from focusing on anything else? If so, then the relief you need is waiting for you at University Dental Professionals, and it will likely come in the form of root canal therapy. This procedure is not the torturous experience the media would have you believe, and we’ve actually used it to stop the worst dental pain quickly while saving our patients’ teeth. After coming to see us for root canal therapy in Chicago, IL, your only regret will be not contacting us sooner, so call today to get the care you deserve!

Man with healthy smile after root canal therapy

Why Choose University Dental Professionals for Root Canal Therapy?

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Why Would You Need a Root Canal?

Your teeth are being bombarded by bacteria all the time, and when it manages to damage the enamel, this is called a cavity. However, left untreated, the bacteria can surpass the enamel and reach the sensitive internal nerve of a tooth, causing an infection, which can create quite a bit of pain. In this situation, a root canal can be used to remove the damaged tissue, stop the infection, and provide relief for the patient, all while saving their tooth from extraction.