Restorative Dentistry – Chicago, IL

Your Smile

Even minor dental damage can cause a multitude of problems, including pain, speech issues, plus it can make someone think twice each time before they smile. If you have one or more cracked/broken teeth, University Dental Professionals is ready to restore your appearance and oral health with custom-made fillings and crowns. Thanks to our experts’ touch, we can help even the most compromised tooth look and function like new again. To learn more and schedule an appointment, contact us today for restorative dentistry in Chicago, IL. 

Man and woman with healthy smiles after restorative dentistry

Why Choose University Dental Professionals for Restorative Dentistry?

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Tooth-Colored Fillings

Dentist checking patient's tooth colored fillings

For minor cavities and small cracks, we can fill in the empty space using a composite resin material. This offers several advantages compared to traditional amalgam (or silver) fillings, in that the resin bonds directly to the tooth, so less healthy enamel has to be cleared away to place it. Plus, it can be shaded to perfectly blend into the smile, creating a virtually invisible final result. And, because these fillings are metal-free, they don’t cause temperature sensitivity as well.

Dental Crowns

Animated dental crown placement

When a tooth becomes severely decayed or damaged, many dentists will simply choose to remove it, but not us. Instead, we save distressed teeth by topping them with dental crowns. These are made of high-quality porcelain or zirconia and fitted over natural teeth to bring back their strength, appearance, and functionality all at the same time. We painstakingly design each one so that it not only fits comfortably, but looks completely natural as well, so a patient always feels ready to smile.