Root Canal Treatment

In some situations, you can avoid tooth extraction and other intensive procedures by undergoing a root canal treatment in Chicago, Illinois. An internally infected or inflamed tooth may be treatable. Inside every tooth, canals house the pulp (nerve) that sustains the tooth’s life. A deep cavity or crack can compromise the health of the pulp and cause infection or inflammation. As infection and inflammation build, the tooth begins to ache from internal pressure. At this point, your dentist will likely recommend a tooth extraction or a root canal treatment. Our endodontist at University Dental Professionals, Dr. Mary Roman, will be glad to see you.

How We Can help
During a root canal therapy, infection or inflammation is removed from the canals of a tooth. Our trained and gentle endodontist will insert man-made material into the emptied canal and then crown or restore the tooth. A root canal treatment is a common procedure that can often be completed in one visit! Rest assured, your comfort will be maintained throughout the treatment as we can provide a variety of numbing and sedation options. If you would like to know more regarding this endodontic service, we invite you to call our practice at 773-684-5702. Our dentists will happily address any concerns you may have.