Minimally Invasive Dentistry

What Is Minimally Invasive Dentistry?
For generations, dentists have diagnosed dental decay and disease with their hand mirrors, explorers and dental X-rays. Today, we have modern technology to find and diagnose the very beginnings of tooth decay and disease. No longer do we have to rely on explorers and X-rays. Our team now uses computers and special decay diagnosing cameras, and this new technology means far less drilling.

Detect Early and Restore Minimally
Modern dentists now use Caries Detection Cameras and software to find the earliest signs of dental decay. When decay is found in the beginning stages, we can treat it in the most conservative fashion. No more waiting until it is big enough to see with an X-ray and then drill it. Also, using re-mineralizing toothpaste at the first sign of decay may encourage the tooth to heal. If more action is needed, we can use BioActive Dental Materials for fillings. These fillings help stimulate the tooth to heal itself from the inside.

Do You Want the Most Advanced Technology and the Most Conservative Dentistry?
Minimally invasive dentistry in Chicago, Illinois, keeps your teeth healthier. Our team of dentists, providers, renowned educators, authors and clinicians at University Dental Professionals use the latest technology to help keep your teeth beautiful and healthier. Contact our office at 773-684-5702 if you would like more information on this proven treatment method.