Accidents and Trauma

Sports injuries, car accidents, and falls…there are many causes of tooth fractures or tooth loss. The most common trauma is a fracture in the tooth’s crown, the visible part of your tooth, followed by tooth displacement or avulsion. Falls and trauma are the most common types of dental trauma among adolescents. For adults, their dental trauma may be caused by a fall, sports injury or an automobile accident.

Teeth that have been injured or lost due to trauma may be able to be restored back to their original beauty through cosmetic dentistry. Porcelain veneers or crowns may be used to repair fractured or chipped teeth. For avulsed teeth or teeth that have been completely knocked out, dental implants may be an option. Our accredited cosmetic dentist, Dr. Susan McMahon, is highly skilled at restoring teeth that were damaged from sports-related injuries, car accidents, falls or other dental injuries. In addition, our team of specialists will coordinate the care necessary to repair your damaged teeth and restore the beauty and function of your smile. For those who have experienced facial or dental trauma in Chicago, Illinois, please reach out to our University Dental Professionals team at 773-684-5702. We look forward to improving your smile and helping you feel confident.