Cavity Detection Devices

DEXIS CariVu™ technology allows us to customize the usage of digital radiographs, and for patients under the age of 30 that have low caries (cavities) risk, we have reduced our need for routine X-rays by 50 percent! Why? Because this near-infrared light that passes through the tooth is often more diagnostic than our eyes or even an X-ray. Are there limitations? Of course, but the bottom line is that CariVu allows us a far better diagnostic/treatment approach to treating caries, and in fact, it allows us to follow early lesions and see if remineralization and flossing are halting the growth of the cavity.

For years, dentists have used an explorer to probe suspicious areas of demineralization to detect early signs of tooth decay. However, we use an even better diagnostic tool known as Spectra. This fluorescent technology allows us to evaluate teeth and see if any demineralization or potential cavity has developed. This technology is all about protocols. For instance, we never place sealants without using fluorescence once a year during your routine exam.

These technologies are just another example of how our dentists and team customize care for our patients at University Dental Professionals. Call 773-684-5702 and we will be happy to answer your questions about our cavity detection devices in Chicago, Illinois.