CE Course



Series 1

Restorative Boot Camp

Friday, April 5th and Saturday April 6th

Join us for 2 days of lecture & hands-on activities to include the following topics:

Session 1
Understanding Today’s Options for Saving Challenged Teeth and or Implant Restorative Dentistry for the Single Tooth

  • Understanding how CBCT’s can provide critical diagnostic challenging decision making clinical casework
  • Treatment options for External/Internal resorption cases along with the latest approaches to customized posts and cores and why we can provide better long term outcomes
  • Understanding the various options to restorative implants from the cement and screw approaches to my favorite, the hybrid
  • Presenting Case by Case solutions for our single unit implants
Session 2
Advanced Restorative Approaches for Implant Dentistry

  • Scan bodies and the world of digital imaging
  • Temporization technique to develop soft tissue emergence and prepare the site for final impressions
  • Sequencing extractions and temporization techniques: Always keeping the patient with teeth!
  • Hands-on participation with digital imaging
  • Hands-on participation with temporization techniques
Session 3
Implant Communication Tools and Implant Maintenance

  • Treatment Plan conversion approaches from discussion to booking the appointment
  • Longitudinal approaches to long term follow up and how customize the implant hygiene patient
  • Perio Protect: Why it’s the most underutilized preventative approach for your implant and refractory patients
  • Hands-on will be digital imaging for I records
  • Hands-on will be implant designing with CBCT software and even if your not restoring, it’s all about where we are going
Session 4
Immediately Loaded Fixed Hybrid Prothesis: A Step-byStep Guide from Surgery to Converting Denture to Interim Hybrid Prosthesis

  • Patient selection, interview techniques and case closure
  • Digital treatment planning
  • Initial work-up
  • Step-by-step surgical procedures
  • Abutment selection and necessary implant components
  • Immediate loading protocols
  • Step-by-step procedures for a chair-side denture conversion
  • Delivery of the immediate interim fixed screw retained hybrid prosthesis
  • Step-by-step procedures to fabricate a final full-arch hybrid prosthesis
  • Maintenance protocols and techniques


Series 2

Implant Surgery Program
Friday, May 3rd and Saturday, May 4th
Friday May 17th

Over the shoulder surgery training

Coordinate and schedule your patient(s) at UDP and work one-on-one along side Dr. Yousuf and Dr. Graham

Session 1
Single Implants, Ridge Preservation and Grafting

  • Dental concerns for case selection
  • Parts and pieces of implant dentistry
  • Bone healing – what is normal?
  • Understanding surgical protocols
  • Concept of healed ridge implant placement
  • Infection control and asepsis
  • Extractions – not your everyday
  • Socket preservation
  • Incision and flap design
  • Suturing techniques
  • Material selection, sutures, membrane types, grafts
  • Graft containment
  • Bone healing dynamics
  • Maintaining vs. obtaining soft and hard tissue
  • Understand when to immediate load implants and when to not
  • How to use ISQ technology with healed ridge implant placement
  • Single tooth implant placement into mandibular pig jaws
  • Suturing techniques on chicken breast and simulated tissue
Session 2
Advanced Guided Surgery and CT Interpretation

  • Principles of guided vs. conventional surgery
  • Incorporating CBCT technology into implant treatment planning
  • Analyze a CBCT image for implant placement
  • Using digital impression systems for final implant restoration
  • Using a digital workflow to clearly communicate between surgical, restorative and laboratory clinicians
  • Evaluating the importance of bone quality and quantity in treatment planning
  • Incorporating digital impression with scan bodies for custom abutments as an alternative to screw retained prosthesis
  • Achieving more predictable results regarding esthetics, function and cost on future implant cases through guided surgery
  • Practice taking digital impressions
  • Use surgical guide for implant placement
Session 2
Over-the-Shoulder Implant Surgery

  • Includes an Open Invitation and FULL ACCESS to UDP’s State of Art facility and use of their technology and instrumentation
  • Preoperative workup using CBCT for each patient
  • One-on-one, mentored over the shoulder implant training with Dr. Rauf Yousuf and Dr. Graham
  • Each participant will have the opportunity to place implants on multiple patients
  • Post-operative recaps of implant placements after each day



Medical Billing For Dental Practices

Friday, June 7th

This session is strongly encouraged that both the dentist AND staff attend together

Medical Billing for Dental PracticesDental practices are filled with patients that pay premiums for medical insurance policies that have benefits available for services they render. Accessing medical benefits requires the dental office to step out of their “dento-centric” view of their practice and into a medical view. In this course, dental practices will learn to separate the medical portion of their services from the dental, identify when to file for medically necessary services and the basics of medical claim submission.

This session will focus on adding dental medical billing to your practice and navigating the dental medical billing world.

  • Understand the basis for medical billing for dental practices
  • Learn basic medical insurance terminology and concepts
  • Understand the medical claims cycle and how it works
  • Understand medical necessity for claims
  • Learn ICD and CPT coding basics
  • Learn what can be billed to medical insurance
  • Learn how to complete the CMS1500 claim form

Guest Speaker: Tonya Evers, Director of Operations at Medical Dental Financial Corporation

Networking Reception – Sip and MingleThis is the perfect opportunity to meet, mingle and connect with your colleagues and other industry professionals. Come enjoy a sumptuous menu, refreshments and lively Happy Hour at One North Kitchen and Bar, one of Chicago’s trendiest New American eateries, on Friday, June 7th.