Will I Feel My Dental Implants? Here’s What Sensations to Expect

January 3, 2022

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man smiling with dental implants

Yesterday, you went sightseeing with some friends and smiled at your reflection under the Chicago Bean (Cloud Gate). Your smile was beautiful, but your grin diminished when you noticed that gap in it. You decided then and there that it was time to replace that missing tooth with a permanent solution. But now, as you browse the Internet, you’re beginning to wonder if dental implants will be noticeable in your mouth. How will they feel? Here are 3 sensations you can expect and why they may come about.

1—Temporary Sensitivity 

For a few days following your procedure, it’s common to experience some sensitivity around your implant. Because your implant is placed directly through your gums and rooted in your jawbone, it will take some time for your gums to heal and adjust to the implant. Many patients can return to work the next day following the procedure with no problem. You can treat anydiscomfort through over-the-counter pain medicine. It should diminish long before your gums and jawbone fully bond to the new tooth in the months to come. 

2—Long-term Improved Comfort 

Unlike your natural teeth, dental implants are not connected to nerves. This means that your new tooth will be less susceptible to uncomfortable sensations that may emerge due to changing temperatures or pressure. The implant’s steel post will ensure that your tooth remains securely rooted within your gum line, minimizing irritation that may have occurred with other tooth replacement options such as dentures or bridges. Due to the implant’s natural shape and personalization to fit your smile, the tooth itself should feel just like the rest of your pearly whites when you smile, speak, or feel them with your tongue.  

3—A Natural and Strong Bite 

Most dental implants are made of titanium or zirconia, mimicking the structure and color of your natural teeth. However, these metals are stronger and more stain-resistant than natural tooth materials. Fitting in perfectly with your nearby teeth, your dental implant will maximize your biting power. This will allow you to chew your favorite steak or raw veggies with greater ease after the healing process. Replacing your tooth with a dental implant will also strengthen your jawbone due to stimulation, boosting your chewing ability. 

If you’re ready to permanently fill those gaps within your smile and experience minimal discomfort, dental implants are likely for you. After an initial adjustment period, you can expect greater comfort as well as a natural look and feel. 

About the Practice 

University Dental Professionals, located in Chicago, IL, features a partnership of seven highly skilled dentists and their team of oral health professionals. Committed to delivering stellar service, University Dental Professionals offer an array of restorative dental services, including dental implants. If you have questions about the procedure and what you can expect after it, feel free to reach out to their team anytime at (773)-684-5702 or through their website

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