A New Study Finds Gum Disease Is Linked to Severe Covid-19 Symptoms

March 26, 2021

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In March of 2020, our lives were turned upside down as the novel COVID-19 virus spread into a worldwide pandemic. In response, safety measures like face masks and social distancing became a part of our everyday lives. Practices like these became especially important for those whose age or medical condition put them in the “at-risk” category. Recently, a new study added another group of people to that list: patients with gum disease. Keep reading to learn the link between gum disease and COVID-19, important prevention tactics, and how your dentist can help!

Gum Disease & COVID-19: What the Research Says

Since the initial outbreak, researchers from all across the world have dedicated their time and resources to studying the Coronavirus. In a new study, experts followed more than 500 patients who contracted COVID-19. They analyzed the participants who had more mild symptoms vs. those who faced complications (i.e., ICU admission, ventilation, etc.). The results? Patients with gum disease were 3.5 times more likely to be admitted to the ICU, 4.5 times more likely to require a ventilator, and 9 times more likely to die.

6 Prevention Tactics to Implement Today

Although the above study shed light on the link between gum disease and COVID-19, the correlation between your oral and overall health has been widely known for decades. In fact, that’s just one of the many reasons it’s of the utmost importance that you practice proper prevention. Here are a few good habits to start with:

  • Brush for two minutes at least twice a day.
  • Treat flossing equally as important as brushing.
  • Use mouthwash regularly.
  • Don’t skip your dental checkup and cleanings every six months.
  • Avoid poor dental habits, like smoking and using your teeth as tools.
  • Limit your sugar intake.

How Your Dentist Can Help

Your dentist is your greatest ally when it comes to keeping your teeth and gums in pristine condition. If your oral health is in good shape, then they can help maintain it by conducting a thorough dental checkup and refreshing teeth cleaning biannually. If a dental concern is present, they can create a custom treatment plan with the appropriate restorative care, like gum disease therapy, to restore the look and function of your smile while simultaneously preventing further damage.

As the COVID-19 virus continues to impact our loved ones and those around the world, it is important to remain vigilant. If you are experiencing any symptoms of gum disease (like red, swollen, or inflamed gums), then make sure to get in touch with your dental team right away!

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